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Hello~ I have moved to tsumore !

There's nothing much there at the moment though since I've just started posting icons again :)

I'm Up for Requests! =CLOSED=

Want to request an Icon? Colorbar? Wallpaper? Or whatever? Comment here!

I shall respond with the said request by replying to your comment HERE.

.... ^__^

Although if you have commented already and would want to kill me for not fulfilling your request.. I'll try to make them in time. So sorry. U__U;;

--Mikan circa 28th of April 2007



Hey kids(but oh no, I'm actually the youngest one around),

Been a long time. Back from a... 2 month break, I guess? Glad to see you're all doing fine. (Suuuree everyone's doing fine! As if anyone cares about me anyway.) *cough* By this December(or perhaps this late November too) I am sure to have fulfilled all your requests. AND.. I shall be posting a new set of icons too. Now isn't that joyous?

Er, whatever. See you all soon.




That's right folks, I shall be on hiatus starting from today and beyond. I'm tired and busy with my party life *gets shot* and I've lost inspiration lately so I won't be making any icons till then. Maybe expect your requests by late November or December. Perhaps I could've gotten my creativity back then.

See you, folks. Till the end of the world,

A break from schoolwork

I bring with you icons. They're 60, so.. whoa. XD
I just turned 14 last June 17! Heehee, so, make this post my blow-out to all of you. :)

[03] Beck
[36] Hunter x Hunter
[01] FullMetal Alchemist
[01] Ouran Highschool Host Club
[04] Gakuen Alice
[03] Midori no Hibi
[03] Tifa Lockheart
[02] Bleach
[01] Kacho Oji
[02] Rurouni Kenshin
[01] Samurai Champloo
[01] Naruto
[01] Black Cat

Overall: 60 Icons (wo0t)

Some are old, some are new. Just.. don't expect anything exquisite. :P

Reminder: None of these are arranged by their anime, so.. sue me! XD Oh, and textless icons are not bases! That goes for this post, though!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Oh, school is WOE!Collapse )

Cross-posted to almost everywhere. O_O;;

Small Update

I just needed to post something this time. To distract me from stuff, that's it.
I present to you 30 new icons.

[03] FullMetal Alchemist
[01] Ouran Koukou Host Club
[06] Yakitate! Japan
[02] XXXHolic
[02] Tenipuri
[05] Furuba
[06] Gakuen Alice
[01] Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles
[01] Cardcaptor Sakura
[01] FLCL
[01] Kobato
[01] SasuNaru (doujinshi)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Note: I just am too lazy to put tables. Gomen ne~

... just, don't even ask. Kay?Collapse )

To those interested in Veronica Mars:
Plugs: cmapxcmap, Me and my sister la_lai's icon journal. No updates yet, but I'll inform you guys when there's an update. Trust me. ^^

XXXHolic Challenge COMPLETE!

Ohyess! It's a success! Yay! XD

( Icons here! )

Come and look! You do know you want to. *smirks*

Important Announcement!!

.. yaddayadda, yeah, yeah, as if somebody were to read this journal unless I post in icon comms. XD

Anyway, this Wednesday, 3rd of May, would be the GRAND UPDATE! Which means, by that time, I would have completed the XXXHolic 100 Icon Challenge!

Oh well, I should have updated now.. but.. unfortunately, I'm too tired and my parents are letting me sleep now. Now, I could reassure that I'm definitely gonna complete the challenge, cause I realized that I can make 20++ icons in a day! I have made 30+ Holic icons so far, and I need 30 more to complete the set!

So.. that's all. Wish me luck~ ♥

Is this an Update? 0__0

Holy smokes! I'm actually updating this journal! XDD

Anyway, icons for you! Random icons in this post, cause I was bored the whole summer. :p

[02]Tokyo Babylon
[03]Black Cat
[06]Gakuen Alice
[01]Yu Yu Hakusho
[03]Magic Knight Rayearth
[01]Hunter X Hunter
[01]Rurouni Kenshin
[03]Miyuki-chan in Wonderland
[04]Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu
[01]Midori no Hibi
[03]Hyung Tae Kim
A Total of 34 Anime/Manga Icons! This is a bargain, dontcha think? XD And yes, Christa, I have finally updated.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Too Lazy to make tables. :PCollapse )

XXXHolic Icons Galore

Heeheee, I figured I'd post my XXXHolic icons from my XXXHolic 100 icon challenge out of boredom. XDD

Total: 18 XXXHolic icons
Here ya go! Enjoy, and credit if taking any. Comments are very much appreciated. ^____^

Image hosting by Photobucket Image hosting by Photobucket Image hosting by Photobucket

ICONS HERE~!!Collapse )